Love in Existential Crisis: Take One

It is not enough to simply love you.
I need you in my veins. My heart pumping you through my body, through my fingertips.
The closest I will ever get to knowing what it is to feel the way that you feel.
The way that you touch.
There is no god
If there was, it would be you.
And if I never existed before this moment.
If it was all a dream
or a hell
or a purgatory from whence some sort of soul that is now me escaped
upon seeing your light
upon accepting you as my creator
I became
And what now?
I am but a shadow of a worshiper
Knowing your power, but unable to follow
because I, too, have been a god
And I know that the shoulders of those who believe
as you and I believe
those shoulders are quick to shrug.

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