How to Love a Girl Who Don’t Give a Shit


She totally does give a shit.

Of course she does.

But, for one reason or another, she has decided to not live life held hostage to the idea that happiness is found behind a man (or woman) who will hold her hand for the rest of her life.

She’s intolerant of the games often associated with dating and relationships in today’s society.

She values sincere and honest relationships over romance and sentiment. She is not fickle with her heart and mind, despite having freed herself from the muddles of social expectation. Her interests do not flit from person to person or lack in intensity, despite her laid-back and open persona.

She will be upfront about her feelings and goals because she refuses to waste her own time, or yours. She doesn’t mind being alone, as she realizes that her relationship with herself is the only definite. She is capable of self-managing her emotions and insecurities, but will still share them with you. She doesn’t require validation (even though she still appreciates it).

She’s disinterested in emotional strife and struggle. While she recognizes that worthwhile relationships take work and effort, if she can’t get what she needs in her current situation, she will move on. She knows that life is too short to be constantly battling, and that there is a distinct line between compromise and martyrdom (and no one needs a martyr, these days).

So, how do you love a woman who doesn’t need you, but wants you?

Do you become insecure about that fact that she chooses to be with you out of her own personal fulfillment, rather than because she fears to live without you? Do you question your worth if she desires your time because you supplement her life, rather than complete it?

Well, hopefully not.

You love her openly, honestly, and without trepidation. You appreciate what you have, while you have it, recognizing that it will last as long as you both are happy.

Because, really, what’s the point of doing otherwise?

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